Comcast LMD

Comcast's Local Media Development team creates digital products that help people discover and share information with communities they care about.

Everyblock logo

EveryBlock organizes local news, community info, events and more based on the neighborhoods you can about. The free service (and mobile map app) allow users to fully customize news preferences by zip code.

Project Open Voice logo

Project Open Voice is a collection of web- and mobile-friendly Public, Educational and Governmental programming (PEG) websites. Each POV platform provides communities with online publishing tools to share news, videos, images, and more.

Stringwire logo

Stringwire brings a newsroom feel to live streaming. Any user can create a channel and invite their friends, colleagues or partners to stream, then cut between feeds to create a shareable video.

Voices of the Civil Rights logo

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement is a collection of personal accounts from the Civil Rights Movement. The project features hundreds of interviews, historical vignettes and a channel that allows anyone to add their own story.

Comcast Newsmakers logo

Comcast Newsmakers local and national interview segments with community leaders and local, state and federal officials on current events & issues.